Bringing the Wildlife to Glen Abbey

A new vision of sustainable development

Argo’s Bronte Green site, and future Glen Abbey community, is now home to the first replicated wildlife pond of its kind in the GTA! Beginning as a shared vision of reproducing and enhancing an existing habitat for wildlife, Argo and our team of environmental and engineering experts have worked closely in collaboration with the Town of Oakville and Conservation Halton for several years to bring this vision to fruition. Extensive efforts include developing conceptual and detailed designs for a pond incorporating a range of habitat elements, such as sandy mounds for turtle nesting, and the incorporation of native plants such as the Blue Flag Iris to provide cover and food for insects and local wildlife.

The introduction of this new ecosystem on a former agricultural field, adjacent to the 14 Mile Creek, is a protected part of the Town of Oakville’s Natural Heritage System. It will provide refuge for a diversity of local wildlife known to live in or move through the area, such as turtles, frogs, snakes, muskrats, beavers and deer.

Above photos show progression of work starting in late Fall 2018 with pre-grading, followed by final grading and application of a clay liner and organic base. Over the spring and summer 2019, the installation of two LID (infiltration trenches) structures and landscaping around the Wildlife Pond were completed to help promote stabilization of the area.

The wildlife pond was designed to support groundwater infiltration, which will help sustain the endangered Redside Dace fish population that lives in the nearby Fourteen Mile Creek. Argo has also implemented LID (Low Impact Development) Measures in order to assist in maintaining water levels within the pond and the overall system. Once freshly planted vegetation in and around the pond edges are able to establish, it will further assist in filtering out nutrients and reducing algae growth.

Argo’s commitment to the ongoing monitoring of water levels, and native plant and wildlife diversity, will further ensure the success of the pond for years to come and serve as a model for sustainable and responsible development through vital partnerships between developers, local Municipal and conservation authorities.

UltraStor’s State-of-the-Art Storage Solution Expands to Caledon

The inaugural location of UltraStor Self Storage was opened in Burlington in August 2016, and three years later we are humbled and proud to open a second facility in beautiful Caledon within the Southfields Village Community, conveniently located off highway 410 just east of Kennedy Road.  Mayor Allan Thompson and local Councillors Johanna Downey, Christina Early and Jennifer Innis were on hand to do the honours of the official ribbon cutting on September 14.

UltraStor is a family business, founded by Matt Buck, with a vision that goes beyond a traditional self-storage facility, with a modern, high-tech approach to storage. This brand-new facility includes climate-controlled units in multiple sizes, including charging outlets and drive-up units for large boats, R/V’s, and cars, and an 18-person, state of the art boardroom available for rent. Security and cleanliness are of top priority at UltraStor and all units are individually alarmed, with secure gate and key fob access for customers. With the highest standards of design and a team of dedicated self-storage specialists that strive to deliver value, satisfaction and peace of mind to customers, UltraStor is leading the gold standard in this fast-growing industry.

Visit for more info, and be sure to check out UltraStor on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Hello Sunshine!

Our Lakeview Village project in Mississauga has been making news with an estimated 1 million sunflowers in full bloom, attracting local residents from near and far. CTV’s Anwar Knight and Global News Minna Rea recently visited to report on the transformation of the lands from a polluting coal-fired power plant, to now home to fields of sunflowers attracting bee’s, butterflies and selfies, with the ultimate transformation yet to come with the creation of a spectacular mixed-use waterfront destination community. 


The planting of the sunflowers serves a far more important role as “phytoremediators” and can remove dangerous toxins and hazardous materials such as lead, arsenic, zinc, chromium, cadmium, copper, manganese and uranium. In addition to decontaminating the soil, sunflowers also attract bees because of their high-quality protein in their nectar, strengthening the bee population and enabling further pollination to help create a stronger local wildlife. 

The sunflowers are expected to last until just before the end of September. Hurry by and get your selfie – and don’t forget to tag #mylakeviewvillage. Prime viewing area is at Lakeshore Road and Hydro Road with parking available at 800 Hydro Road. 

To learn more about Lakeview Village, please visit

Global News at the Sunflower Fields
CTV Live at the Sunflower Fields

Mississauga Waterfront

Reinvigorating Mississauga’s Waterfront

← An aerial rendering of the new development that will emerge on the former site of the Lakeview Generating Station.

A new community emerges on the former Lakeview Generating Station lands.

By Fabio Mazzocco and Brian Sutherland

For 43 years, the future Lakeview Village lands in Mississauga were home to the Lakeview Generating Station, a coal-fired power plant that provided electricity—and pollution—to the region and blocked access to the Lake Ontario waterfront. The generating station was shut down in 2005 as the Government of Ontario moved towards more environmentally-friendly sources of energy. In a striking symbol of the transformation to follow, the Four Sisters—the plant’s iconic smokestacks that could be seen from Burlington to downtown Toronto—were demolished in 2006.

When the plant was shut down, late Mississauga councillor Jim Tovey spearheaded a bold vision for the site, Inspiration Lakeview. The plan called to remediate the former brownfield site, open the waterfront to the people of Mississauga, and to create a vibrant, complete community on the shores of Lake Ontario.

Lakeview Community Partners Limited (LCPL) purchased the 177-acre site from Ontario Power Generation (OPG) in 2018 to build upon the groundwork laid by Councillor Tovey. Once completed, Lakeview Village will be a sustainable mixed-use development with potential for as many as 10,000 residential units, 825,000 square feet available for employment, 130,000 square feet of retail, an innovation corridor, a public square, a brand-new conservation area, and more than three kilometers of uninterrupted lakefront trails. As a part of the purchase, 67 acres of waterfront land will be remediated and transferred back to the city for citizens and visitors to enjoy.

Remediation is one of the main challenges when transforming a former industrial brownfield site into a livable community. OPG began the process of cleaning up the site, and when Lakeview Community Partners acquired the property a lot of progress had already been made. Initial soil samples showed minimal amounts of contaminants.

The uniqueness of the site cannot be overstated—a large blank canvas on Lake Ontario, within easy commuting distance to downtown Toronto. Given the history of the site, there is a huge responsibility to create a sustainable, green community that will stand the test of time and create a model for future waterfront developments. That responsibility largely falls to Lakeview Community Partners, but it must be done in collaboration with all levels of government. It takes a true public-private partnership for these environmental initiatives to take hold.

Excavators work to remove the remaining concrete from the site.

LCPL is currently exploring several green initiatives to reduce the environmental footprint of the development. Given the proximity to a Peel Region wastewater treatment plant, district energy may make sense. The system would take effluent water from the plant and harness the energy to heat and cool the development.

Also, in a development of this scale, vacuum waste collection maybe a viable solution. In essence, a series of pneumatic tubes collects waste and transports refuse to a central location where it can be sorted and disposed of. This would majorly decrease the number of garbage trucks required to service the community, significantly reducing emissions and truck traffic. It would also change the way people think about their waste, promoting recycling, and reducing the amount of garbage generated within the development.

The key to a sustainable, modern development is transit. Lakeview Village currently sits between two GO Train commuter stations. LCPL is working with the city on options to transport residents from the development to those stations, whether that’s city buses, bus rapid transit, light rail, or innovative shuttles. Another benefit with opening up the waterfront is an additional three kilometers of a newly constructed uninterrupted segment of the Great Lakes Waterfront Trail that will be a conduit of active transportation connecting from Burlington to Toronto, allowing people to travel efficiently without a car. How people move in and out of the development is an area where Lakeview Community Partners is relying on leadership and collaboration with various levels of government.

What the site looked like once all of the infrastructure of the former coal-power generating station was removed.

While government buy-in is necessary, density is also a requirement for a development of this size. Waterfront parks and retail need a critical mass to be viable; transit solutions don’t work if there isn’t adequate ridership. District energy doesn’t make sense if there aren’t enough homes to heat and cool. These green endeavors require a critical mass of users, as well as enough people to make them economically viable. However, the need for critical mass needs to be balanced with the availability of services and a pedestrian scaled public realm. As an entirely new community is being created on Mississauga’s waterfront, people require transit, utilities, garbage collection, and all of the other services provided by local government. These needs highlight the importance of finding the correct balance of density and public support. As Councillor Jim Tovey used to say, the development needs to earn the sky.

As LCPL moves through the planning process, the question of density is one of the many considerations. How much density is required to reach a critical mass of people that will ensure the success of the retail, environmental, transportation, and cultural facets of Lakeview? Where are the optimal locations to place density on the site? What is the most responsible housing mix to create that density? Lakeview Village will mainly be a mid-rise community, with some higher elements and urban townhomes. There will be homes for the missing middle—affordable units for working people, seniors, and families. Density will be clustered around green features, creating natural paths down to the lake while maintaining and enhancing views of the water. The development will bring a whole new population to the area, and it’s important that it is done in a responsible way.

Creating a vibrant complete community destination and a model for future waterfront developments, requires a balance of private and public investment to ensure the former brownfield site is ready for new residents. It also requires that transit is available and that the community is built in a sustainable way that will stand the test of time. Remediating the former site of a coal fired power plant will give acres of prime waterfront back to the citizens of Mississauga, and that’s something that is worth investing in.

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Lakeview Village wins “Best New Community” at BILD Awards

Argo is thrilled to be the recipient of “Best New Community Planned/Under Development” for Lakeview Village at this year’s 39th BILD Awards. We share this honour with our partners – TACC Construction, CCI Development Group, Greenpark Homes and Branthaven Homes, as well as our consultants Gerrard Design, NAK Design Group, and Glen Schnarr & Associates.

“On behalf of the entire Lakeview Community Partners team, we are extremely honoured to receive this recognition for the extensive and innovative work currently underway on Lakeview Village,” said Fabio Mazzocco, President, Lakeview Community Partners Limited. “Lakeview Village will be one of Canada’s most transformative mixed-used re-development projects, bringing new life to Mississauga’s waterfront.”

When complete, Lakeview Village will dedicate 67 acres back to the City of Mississauga for open waterfront space that includes a campus, a nearly 1km long pier and a continuous waterfront trail. Features like diverse housing, dedicated pedestrian and cycle pathways, connection to transit, and year-round recreational and multicultural programming will distinguish this complete community from some of the world’s most acclaimed waterfront developments.  

To learn more, visit our Lakeview Village page here and our dedicated website here.

Morphology 2019

Argo and Lakeview Community Partners are proud to be a lead sponsor and partner for Morphology 2019, a photographic exhibition depicting an emerging new landscape on the shoreline of Lake Ontario.

Morphology was born from a vision championed by the late Jim Tovey and community members during early construction of the conservation area. The new Jim Tovey Lakeview Conservation Area lies adjacent to our Lakeview Village development in Mississauga, Canada’s next generation waterfront community that will connect business, education, culture, residences and recreation along the waterfront.

When completed, the shared community dream of restoring public access to the entire Lakeview area will be fulfilled after more than a century of military and industrial use. As Councillor Tovey often repeated, “It is time to bring the lake to Lakeview.”

Oakville Named Canada’s “Best Place to Live”

Selected as the “Best Place to Live in Canada” by MoneySense Magazine, Oakville’s first-place ranking is based on its economy, affordability, safety and culture, as well as its access to healthcare, transit and schools.  In addition to topping the list, the scores also position Oakville as the best place for new Canadians, the third best place to retire and the fifth best place to raise a family.  

For Argo, Oakville has long been viewed as an ideal location for families and professionals to lay roots, dating back to our first project 20 years ago. With new developments on the horizon – including two of our very own – the community that’s home to the famous Glen Abbey golf course, the prestigious Appleby College, and a beautiful downtown core of boutiques, shops and restaurants, is becoming accessible to a new generation of homeowners.

Our North Oakville builders recently launched their state-of-the-art sales office at 87 Dundas Street East. Featuring three leading builders under one roof – Primont Homes, Lindvest and Valery Homes –  will allow ease of one-stop shopping with an array of choices in lot selection, floor plans, design and finishes. Our fourth builder, Treasure Hill Homes, plan to unveil their sale office in Spring 2019.

Argo’s second project, Bronte Green, is located in the sought-after Glen Abbey neighbourhood and ideally situated on the edge of Bronte Creek Provincial Park and adjacent to over 350 acres of 14 Mile Creek’s protected valley lands and the Deerfield Golf Course. This enclave will offer a wide range of housing types within walking distance to the Halton Regional Centre, an exceptional trail network that connects to an enhanced regional natural heritage system, and a short drive to the Bronte GO station. Our sales office, which is currently under construction, is located at the southeast corner of Upper Middle Road and Bronte Road and set to open in 2019.

Argo’s North Oakville and Bronte Green communities will offer new homeowners a unique opportunity to call Oakville their home and experience all that the town has to offer!

Lakeview Village Community Event Highlights

On Wednesday, October 24th, Lakeview Community Partners Limited hosted the third Community Engagement Meeting for Lakeview Village. With over 375 guests, this event was aimed at providing residents with an in-depth experience of what life could look like at this new mixed-use community on the lakefront, with opportunities to engage and provide feedback on the proposed plans for Mississauga’s latest waterfront development. Please click here for further information on Lakeview Village.





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