Parks are a focal point of our community and a place for us to enjoy our family, friends, and nature. Working alongside the City of Mississauga in our Churchill Woods project, we helped double the park space at McCracken Park in Mississauga. With an additional 1.3 acres, the new space offers more features and area for everyone to enjoy.

The new features include:

  • A multi-use pad and half basketball court
  • Hop-scotch line painting and drop shot basketball
  • Two cool misters
  • An informal free play area
  • Additional benches
  • A new walkway to connect the existing play area to Stoney Crescent and Ozzie Drive

Local Mississauga Ward 10 Councillor Sue McFadden hosted a celebration with her constituents to officially open the newly-expanded McCracken Park with a community barbecue.

“We were a strong supporter in expanding the park and opening it on time so that the community had a space to come together and celebrate their neighbourhood,” said Gord Buck, Principal, ARGO.

ARGO has a strong focus on opening park space at the beginning of their developments opposed to near its completion. It’s a testament to our commitment of building liveable communities and neighbourhoods.