Ontario is home to over 12 million residents, over 250,000 lakes, and the world’s largest permanent greenbelt. On February 28, 2015, Ontario’s Greenbelt across the Greater Golden Horseshoe region marked the 10th anniversary as the world’s largest permanent greenbelt protecting nearly 2 million acres of valuable land and water preserving agricultural lands and natural heritage.

Bill 73 is proposing reforms to the Planning Act and the Development Charges Act that would help better engage residents of Ontario on how their communities grow in residential development, infrastructure, and services.

It takes community building back to the grass roots of community, ensuring residents are better informed, engaged, and participating in leading Ontario into the future. It would give residents a greater, more meaningful say in how their communities grow; would make the planning and appeals process more predictable, would give municipalities more independence and would make it easier to resolve disputes at the community level.

ARGO has always been in the business of getting it right from the start and supports a greater push towards smart growth. Our past work is a testament to our dedication to creating live-able communities.